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Events- Daily Specials for Pesto- Shopping Wines & Sales 

September 21-26th-21 

We are currently taking reservations up to 2 weeks in advance. Please visit or call us at 307-575-4984 to make reservations.

Walk-ins are welcome, based on availability.

Pesto Evening Restaurant & Curbside hours

 Tuesday– Saturday, 4PM – 9:00 p.m

Lunch is Mindy’s Daily Choice

Wednesday- Thursday- Friday

Day Hours Noon-2 PM 

Lemon Chicken Pasta with salad & bread

Lemon chicken with Green Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette


Chicken Marsala with pasta salad & Bread

Mushroom bisque soup & Salad with bread


Harvest Pasta with butternut squash- sausage and pumpkin ravioli with salad & bread

Mushroom Ravioli with salad & bread

Dinner to GO!

Bake & Take Pastas to GO- These are frozen dinners to serve family of 4 -29,95 Includes two entrees- salad and bread- just unfoil put in a 300 degree over cover in foil for 15 minutes- remove foil and cook for 15 more minutes add a bottle of wine for 15 Add dessert for 15 for four!

About us 

Hello & Welcome to our Story!  I am Mindy the owner of Mitchell's Marketplace & Company along with Pesto Fine Italian.  We started our company June of 2018 with hopes of creating small batch granola and selling coffee to what we are today.  We still sell small batch granola as well as coffee.  these things are not what we are well known for.  We are still finding our way in a community that still does not know we are there.  

But the WORLD seems to be finding me thanks to google.  

We have met people from France, Spain, Israel, Greece, Italy as well people from all of the United States.  

  Food is truly my happy place!  At Pesto our evening restaurant I take great pride in creating dishes that evoke my heritage along with striving to create a special experience you visit. 

We have struggled hard to keep the store going.  Building this business is my passion.  

I invite you to walk thru the doors & experience our best.  

Evening Reservations 

We prefer all visitors call for reservations.   307-575-4984  

Note-  Once all tables are sold for evening we do not accept anymore reservations.  

Our goal at the Market is to serve the finest of local foods, friendship and place of relaxation.  

We are not fast food!  We are a progressive Dinner Party Experience.  Plan on coming with friends & family!  Our table sizes 4 tops 6 tops and our 2 tops  

28 spots available at 6 PM-7:30 PM 

Tuesday-Saturday 4PM-9 PM 

We can accommodate larger tables with reservations up to 12 comfortably with advance notice 

Come see us at the Market.


Bryan & Mindy Petersen- Owners 

We are hiring! 

We are seeking some key staff to come along and assist us as we grow our company. 

email [email protected] with resume along with last companies and phone numbers to contact for business reference.  

1344 Center Avenue at Marketplace & CO.