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Grab N Go Offerings at Pesto at Marketplace & Company 

Cooler mornings, apple cider- Spiced Teas & Warm dishes 

I love the end of summer.   School gets going with the hope the kids will have a fun year!   Watching their friends or themselves playing football.  We start cheering again for College Football

Being part of your hometown & being part of your State. 

Where I live we celebrate local grown foods. 

 I love the smells of this season and I love to create food with the local goods

- Apple pies- wild plum tarts- grilled peaches- 

Fresh meats- herbs- squash- make me happy to get in the kitchen to create new dishes. 

I starting thinking what can I do with all these special goodies.  Apples are plenty and keep well in a cool place to enjoy for the winter months- Squash another favorite fall goodie becomes a great winter surprise!

plums turned into Italian dessert Lasagna with creme fresh & cinnamon  

Apple Tarts- Pies- Cobblers-

Grilled peaches in a salad or in a dessert 

Grilled Pears with chocolate & whipped cream with chocolate shavings 

sweet corn risotto- Butternut risotto- 

I take these special dishes to our guest at Pesto- Paired with wonderful wines create moments for our guests. 

Pesto has been my heart since the very beginning.  The love of food keeps me excited to go to work everyday. 

Our fall menu has been very well received. You have time to come try this fun menu.  

When you call for reservation 307-575-4984 we create a appetizer to start your evening on us!  Why? Because it is an honor to take your call & to create a food experience for you!  

Cheers & best wishes-

Mindy ​Petersen- Owner 

The feeling of fall is in the air-

Fall is my favorite season of all!  I love when the mornings are cooler and the air smells of the flowers growing in nature.  August has been a very busy month with the Clove Sage Antiques & Gifts getting reset-with new merchandise coming for our guests enjoyment.  

Flowers on Center Avenue should have new signage up by end of September.  

We have been busy with in house guest bouquets as well as deliveries!  

All the plants have arrived for sending & buying for yourself.   We offer full service florals

Our Fall Bakery Table is back with cookies- stuffers and brownies 

Fall brings our new Fall tasting menu & new wines to taste

The Marketplace Coffee Company offers amazing coffee from 

Jackie's Java from Fort Collins- We love the coffee because it is a low acid coffee that just tastes wonderful. 

We offer a School Deal all drinks for our school kids 

Italian Soda any flavor 2 for 5 in our 24 Ounce glass 

Flavor Bubble tea drinks are back for the school year

Italian Ice cream floats rootbeer floats cherry coke floats are available at the Market

We welcome new day staff Ronda and Renee to the team.  



Summer Fun- Amazing Food- Wine- Home Celebrating Ownership at the Market!

Summer comes and goes so fast!  August is always my favorite month!  We celebrate birthdays of our Daughter Kelsey, Our grandson Jayson & our son in law Justin!  

Fair- Balloon Festival & Craft Fair to the High Plains Riot make August fun. 

We will be celebrating our buying our building!   

I want to thank my amazing husband Bryan for supporting our business.  Our vision for the Marketplace & Company has changed since 2018!  It will continue to change as we develop the company. 

August 23rd-28th we will be celebrating Summer Days at the Marketplace & Company 

with daily drawings- sales- events & fun.  

Clove Sage Antiques & Gifts is getting a reset 

Granola Box Carrot Cake Granola- Peach Mango with cherry and almonds will be released this next week 

Flowers on Center Avenue signage is being created by our daughter & artist Kelsey Petersen

Call 307-575-4984 for deliveries 

Watch our Facebook page for updates 

Finding My Bliss 

I am so excited about the direction we have taken with the Market. Ownership is just what I needed.  Thank you Bryan for seeing this as well. Pesto Fine Italian really is the Mitchell's Marketplace & Company flag that has taken us to a place of joy!  I love to cook and I am so thankful that people love to come and eat.  We have seen people from Germany- France- Australia- Whales- South Africa along with all the States of the United States this season finding us!  What a joy it is each day I open the doors to greet you our guest. 

I have found my bliss!  

We have made the decision to operate evening only going forward!  The dedication and time it takes to create the experience for each of our guest means giving you the best.  

I have said this numerous times and believe that you our guest gets the best when I am greeting cooking and sharing the best of the dishes we produce in our kitchen for you.  

Our hours are Tuesday-Saturday 

4-9 PM with reservations highly recommended.

We take floral orders as well as day cater 

Please call for all by calling our 


Reservations for Pesto Fine Italian Supper Club 

We are proud to announce our Supper Club hours going forward.  Our Supper Club format is what works best.  We asked that you call for reservations 

Early Bird spots available from 4-6 PM on 

Friday & Saturday only 

Reservations times 


6:00 PM

7:00 PM

8:00 PM 


I cannot believe that we are three years old with Mitchellś Marketplace & Company.  What a trip!  We started with granola, coffee and soda shop.  to adding Ice Cream- Clove Sage Antiques & Gifts to Pesto Fine Italian our now flag ship restaurant that has blessed us!  

  We added our Wine Shop in 2020 and in 2021 we added our Flowers Shop all under one umbrella, one roof, one business with many facets of moving businesses within one!  We believe that our guest deserves the best.  When you love what you are doing, you stand in faith!  That is what we do everyday! 

We are celebrating so much more then just a three year Anniversary- We bought our store location.  It is ours!  The feeling of ownership means so much to me.  When we started this store we had no idea where God would guide us.   We invite you our customers, our friends and neighbors to come visit us.  

Thank you for being part of our story!  


Bryan & Mindy Petersen

Something is always happening at the Market!  

Our Latest Blog Entry

As I think of what the future of Mitchell, Nebraska looks like I get excited!  We have a new Auction House and consignment boutique that will be part of the 13th Center Avenue family.  on 14th there is a new paint store going to open later this year.  We have expanded with our flower shop. So much is happening downtown.  With work on getting a grocery store- What my vision is to see a downtown thriving because we are attracting value to downtown.  Most of our guest are from neighboring communities or from around the World.  We are proud to see change happening.  Much more needs to take place.  

There is space for your business downtown.  Contact the 

City Administrator to find out where you can locate your business.  

Our Second Blog Entry

Ray Dunn Days at the Marketplace & Company

Clove Sage Antiques & Gifts 

We love the American Heart of creativity!  Ray Dunn is an amazing artist from California who simple clean designs help make home just that home!  

At the Market we have carried Ray Dunn each season we have been at the store location.  Come see the new kitchen line by Ray Dunn. 

While at the Market grab a Italian Soda or coffee and relax with friends.  

While at the Market check out our new candle lines

Rewined -Chardonnay smells awesome

Hella Scent is simply stated my favorite candles- come smell them & you will need to take one home too! 

Come say hello this week- 


​​Mindy Petersen- Owner 

Marketplace & Company 

1344 Center Ave. Mitchell, NE



The Market really has a bit of something for everyone! 

April 16.21

As I think of the stress of last year with Covid and owning a retail store.  I find thanks to be the emotion that is evoked today. The Marketplace & Company has been a place of love kindness and renewal for really special guests. 

Our Gift Shop Clove Sage Antiques & Gifts really was the little store that turned into the saving grace of our company.  I had put our merchandise online and we started pushing selling our merchandise online.  Today we get to see our customers now coming into the store.  We carry some amazing gourmet jams. Customer pick favorite is our Jan's Apricot pepper Jam sold in the store as well as offered on our boards.  pairs well with Merlot Cheese and sesame crackers. we offer wine baskets with cheese boxes 

Come see us

Shop dine enjoy