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Creating Memories- Creating Joy- Being there-

Is Being part of the Marketplace & Company-Pesto- Clove Sage Antiques & Gifts- Flowers on Center Avenue 

I get asked a lot why Marketplace & Company!  My Goal is never about me!  It has always celebrating others around me!  God gives each of us a unique gift.  My gift is in service to others!  It took me almost 50 years to recognize this!   Now that I do!  I want to do my best for God's people!  

February 2022 marks our 4th Valentines & my favorite week in the year!  To say I love Valentines Day would be an understatement.  My Father when he was alive made sure to get each of his girls a card along with little boxes of chocolates.  He would go out of his way to show us that we were special on that day!  

My amazing husband followed this with our daughters.  He always makes this day special for me & the girls!  Valentines at the Market is always special.  This year we will kick off Saturday Morning with a Sweetheart Brunch!  

                                       Sweetheart Brunch & High Tea

                           February Friday  11th & Saturday 12th -Noon-2 PM 

                                                      Champaign Mimosa

                                                         Breakfast Board             

                                              Bread- Scone- Jam Board 

                                                          Meat Board

                                                    Bacon & Sausage 

                                                      Farmers Frittata 

                                                Stuffed French Toast

                           Served with fresh strawberries & chocolate Sauce 

                                                   Chocolate Truffles  

                           **** Chocolate truffles & Flowers will be available for sale****

                                      Reservations are OPEN for both day as of today 

             As we prepare for Valentines Weekend for Pesto at the Market.  

                                          NO WALK INS WILL BE OFFERED 

                                          Friday- Saturday & Valentines Night 

 We have set times so you our guest can plan at 5 PM for 5 couples once these are sold-  

             You can Book Now by calling 307-575-4984 or the store 308-424-1055     

                                                             2nd seating will start at 7 PM 

                                                 for the 2 tops on 4 available for this time  

                                 Double Tables seating's for 4 people  3 tables 

                                       Five couple table for 10 can be reserved                      

                                                               7 PM all Nights 

                                         Romantic Evening At Pesto 

                                                        Reservations start 

                                                   Thursday February 10th 

                                                      Friday February 11th 

                                                   Saturday February 12th 

                                                          Closed Sunday 

                                                   Monday February 14th 

                                 Menus will be uploaded Monday January 30th 

                           Our Famous Local Steaks & Pasta entrees will be featured

                                                            Flower Specials 


            What is more romantic then amazing food, dessert, chocolates, wine & flowers for that Special person.  Will be offering Flower delivery with your personal invitation to join you for Dinner.  

            We are offering 1 Rose & chocolate truffles with invitation for $ 19.95 with your Reservation here at Pesto.  Book 5 Pm or 7 PM with this package!  

                                                            Floral Specials  

                                                     Small Mixed 35.00

                                                   Medium Mixed 45.00

                                                   Large Mixed    55.00


                                                               Red Roses 

                                                       3 Roses 19.95

                                                            2 Roses 14.95

                                                               1 Rose 8.95

                                                          1 Dozen Roses 67.95

                                                         1/2 Dozen Roses 32.95






Market  Blog- Pesto Awarded 

 Awarded by Restaurant Guru for Excellence in Food 2021 Pesto Fine Italian.  We are proud to share this accomplishment.